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Bandro provides enviable expertise in the area of social media marketing. Herein, lies your secret to reaching out to millions of audience in the shortest time possible.

"Anyone who has ever attended a cocktail party can tell you what it is like to mingle and chat, to laugh and listen to amazing stories. They can also tell you how important it is to not be a wallflower, but also not make a fool out of yourself and be the guy with the lampshade on his head, either." – Jim Tobin, Author

Social media is the latest internet rage.

Facebook, the poster boy of social media, has managed to climb to the very top of company valuations and has more users than most countries have citizens!

And then there is the entire range of social media websites, thousands in number. They weave a complex web of interconnectivity, and have a fan base that appeals to different audiences in various user groups and user communities.

Social media provides some unique advantages:

  • Focused spending: Social media has defined interest areas, making it easy to do focused marketing
  • Cost-effective: Intelligent and focused spending makes the entire effort cost effective, especially for niche products and services.
  • Informal Interaction & higher customer loyalty: Your customers can talk back easily, send their feedback, and interact with you on an informal basis
  • Easy Market Research: You can access target user groups and conduct effective market surveys
  • Viral Marketing: Probably the best benefit of social media – your content can go viral (become immensely popular) without any additional spending
  • Automatic SEO: Higher mention and sharing of your website on various social media platforms leads to increased optimization of your website for search engines
  • Updates & Announcements: Easily help your customers / fans keep track of all new happenings, launches etc.

Of course, we can go on & on with the benefits, but we are sure you get the idea that social media marketing is the cat you need to bell, and do it quickly as well!

Hiring Bandro for Social Media Marketing:

The social media marketing team at Bandro has relevant technical and business knowhow, and the experience of hundreds of hours in trial and error for figuring out the best marketing formulae. Outsourcing your social media marketing to us makes sense as it save you a lot of time and money.

For eg., Did you know that you might pay between 50 cents to $ 1 per click for a keyword in Facebook advertising, whereas Bandro can help you achieve the same or better result in less than 10 cents per click? If such is the difference in results, isn't it a smart business decision to letting us handle your social media marketing while you go about handling the customers which flow in from the advertising? We leave it to you to decide.

Client Testimonials

  • "In a competitive business like ours, ruling the online search engines is quite a task. And I admire Bandro for what they have accomplished for us. In just one year from the opening of our new store, we have jumped to the top position #1 in all important search engines – Google Web, Google Mobile, Google Local Search, Yahoo"

    Owner of Wine & Liquor Store
  • "I'm delighted to have contracted Bandro as our digital marketing partner. Not only are they extremely efficient and have a fast turnaround time, they also are easy to communicate with. Their professional approach towards work is appreciable."

    Director of Berkshires Hotels Group
  • "I like these guys! As an expert myself, it takes quite an effort to impress me in internet marketing using only white hat SEO techniques. But the manner in which the team at Bandro professionally handles all my work and continues to deliver on time, wins"

    CTO of reputed Internet Marketing Company
  • "The real estate broking business is one of trust. We engaged Bandro to provide us with high level of credibility on social media as we primarily provide broking services to large corporations and institutions. Truly, this team made all the difference for us"

    Partner at Real Estate Consultancy

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