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Bandro has spearheaded to the forefront of search engine optimization technology and providing clients with high internet visibility and search engine ranking.

Who Likes Free Advertising?

The answer is – Everyone does! SEO is the art of extracting free advertising from the internet's servers, and reaching out to the maximum target audience at the lowest possible cost.

Think about it: How many times did you click on paid links to get to your desired information; and how many times did you click on organic & unpaid search results?

The answer is obvious. If your website is not search engine optimized, you are missing out on the power of free advertising on the internet; and that isn't a smart business choice, is it?

SEO: Piece of Cake?

How many really believe that if you read 'SEO for Dummies' and download some optimization software, you are now ready to SEO your business website?

Yes, it's good to know about SEO, so that you can make the best choice when hiring the expert who will carry out professional SEO work for your business.

Bandro specializes in SEO. We indulge in painstaking research for each individual client to provide the best quality White Hat SEO for your website.

Internet 2.0 requires that efficient SEO can only be managed through an 'Octopus-Strategy' – Reaching out to the internet with multiple flexible arms.

These include

  • Keyphrase Selection
  • RSS & Atom Feeds
  • Local Search Optimization & Comments
  • Extensive Social Media
  • Press Releases & News Sites
  • Image & Video Optimization
  • Traditional Link Building
  • Community Boards Presence
  • Viral Content Creation and Upload
  • Competitor Monitoring
  • And much more

Client Testimonials

  • "In a competitive business like ours, ruling the online search engines is quite a task. And I admire Bandro for what they have accomplished for us. In just one year from the opening of our new store, we have jumped to the top position #1 in all important search engines – Google Web, Google Mobile, Google Local Search, Yahoo"

    Owner of Wine & Liquor Store
  • "I'm delighted to have contracted Bandro as our digital marketing partner. Not only are they extremely efficient and have a fast turnaround time, they also are easy to communicate with. Their professional approach towards work is appreciable."

    Director of Berkshires Hotels Group
  • "I like these guys! As an expert myself, it takes quite an effort to impress me in internet marketing using only white hat SEO techniques. But the manner in which the team at Bandro professionally handles all my work and continues to deliver on time, wins"

    CTO of reputed Internet Marketing Company
  • "The real estate broking business is one of trust. We engaged Bandro to provide us with high level of credibility on social media as we primarily provide broking services to large corporations and institutions. Truly, this team made all the difference for us"

    Partner at Real Estate Consultancy

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