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Bandro provides the unique benefit of excellent local search optimization for your business which seeks local presence over global presence.

Say, if you are a restaurant in New York, or a boutique in Chicago, or a tractor-seller in Alabama; how do you benefit if someone in Puerto Rico or Ghana or Switzerland sees your website? So what's the point of SEO or internet marketing in this case? All you get is a stream of non-interested non-convertible prospective customers (And in most cases, you paid through your nose to get this hit on your website in the first place!)

So what you need to know is this: Unless you are selling a product or service with a global market; chances are that you are targeting customers within a specified geographical zone.

Moreover, you may not even have a website yet. Should that stop you from topping online visibility within your target customers? No! Directory listings make it possible to list high on the search engine even without having a website in the first place.

So, Now What?

The key to Local Search Marketing, lies in mastering the new era G-Local SEO Techniques. These techniques are a set of refined strategies which are laser-guided to serve your primary purpose: Get More Customers Through the Internet. With millions of searches taking place and atleast half of them for local businesses to drive down and make an immediate purchase; you need to feature where it matters: The top of the local search listings.

What we help you to achieve:

  • Top #3 listing on Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, Mapquest, YEP, City Search and about a 100 other niche search results for your business with targeted keywords in the group of targeted customers
  • Top #3 listing in Google and other reputed directories on a group of researched keywords that guarantee highest traffic flow from prospective local customers

Do I need an expert to help me with Local Search Optimization?

Well, Yes & No.

It's neither as complicated as Calculus, nor does it require Steve Jobs' talent.

However, it requires advanced knowhow of advanced and new-age local SEO techniques, knowledge of 100s of relevant websites and directories, and the immense amount of time to diligently create your presence at all of these locations with changed texts so that Google doesn't punish you for repetitive listings.

So while you can, at least theoretically, weave the intricate web of local search optimization of your business; the easier method obviously would be to outsource the job to a professional expert who can save you a lot of time, money, and opportunity cost through their experience in doing this job thoroughly and efficiently.

Get in touch with us to understand how Local Search Optimization can have a profound positive effect on your business without spending an additional penny on advertising!

Client Testimonials

  • "In a competitive business like ours, ruling the online search engines is quite a task. And I admire Bandro for what they have accomplished for us. In just one year from the opening of our new store, we have jumped to the top position #1 in all important search engines – Google Web, Google Mobile, Google Local Search, Yahoo"

    Owner of Wine & Liquor Store
  • "I'm delighted to have contracted Bandro as our digital marketing partner. Not only are they extremely efficient and have a fast turnaround time, they also are easy to communicate with. Their professional approach towards work is appreciable."

    Director of Berkshires Hotels Group
  • "I like these guys! As an expert myself, it takes quite an effort to impress me in internet marketing using only white hat SEO techniques. But the manner in which the team at Bandro professionally handles all my work and continues to deliver on time, wins"

    CTO of reputed Internet Marketing Company
  • "The real estate broking business is one of trust. We engaged Bandro to provide us with high level of credibility on social media as we primarily provide broking services to large corporations and institutions. Truly, this team made all the difference for us"

    Partner at Real Estate Consultancy

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